We Listen before We Speak

Herb Myles is a  highly experienced financial planner with more than 25 years experience helping people achieve their financial objectives.

He begins by gaining an in-depth understanding  of a client's personalWe Listen before We Speak goals.  Next, he considers their current situation from income, asset, and tax perspectives.  Alternatives are thoroughly analyzed and all recommendations are then presented in clear, understandable language.

Clients can now choose a course of action with full information, and the knowledge that they are free to opt for all, part, or none of the provided recommendations.

Other advisors, such as lawyers and accountants, are included in the process as appropriate.  Solutions are customized to accomplish specific objectives, and meet the individuality of each client's personal circumstances.

Commission or fee for service, your choice.


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Herb Myles, CFP, CLU, RHU, & MTI
3-200 Memorial Ave.  Suite 221, Orillia, ON L3V 5X6
E-mail: herb@herbmyles.com

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