People Don't Plan to fail. They just Fail to Plan.

Every once in a while taking a "Snapshot" look at your financial situation, is in order. Perhaps, you have never really thought about where you want to be, or what you want to be doing when you retire. You are likely to spend 25% of your life, in retirement, are you prepared? Financial Planning, isPeople Don't Plan to fail.  They just Fail to Plan. only part of the process. You may not be aware of the effects that certain choices you make now, may have on the quality of your retirement. Getting the right information, and making informed choices, when purchasing an RRSP, an RESP or simply purchasing Investment products, can really make a difference.

Planning for the future, should be more than a dream. Making decisions to save for a University Education for your child, shouldn’t be put off. With the rate of inflation these days, a child of 6 in 2001 will need nearly $70,000 just for one year at the University of Toronto - a mere 12 years from now!

If you found yourself, disabled and unable to work, how would you pay the bills? There are several different types of Disability Coverage. An especially good option is Return Of Premium, so that if you never make a claim, you get 70% of your money back! There are many companies that offer Disability insurance, and it is likely the most valuable Insurance you will ever have.

People who are in business partnerships, or run a Family business, have unique needs. There is the need for Buy/Sell agreements between Partners, Capital Gains for continuity of the business, and a myriad of other factors.

Each person has different needs for insurance. Just as we all have unique finger prints, we all have our own Financial Agenda! Stopping and taking a look at your situation, will help you better understand your own financial Health and where you may need to improve.

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