Some valid points to ponder when you think about your future!

Some valid points to ponder when you think about your future!

Q: Why Should I buy Life Insurance?

Quite simply, you buy Life Insurance because you love someone and want to protect them. You will not really benefit from the insurance yourself, but it will provide something to those you leave behind. Herb will use the information you give him to produce a capital needs analysis for you that will show you what insurance you need. There are many different types of Life Insurance available, and you may want to have a close look at the variations depending on your lifestyle. When your children are younger, the insurance you carry will likely be different than when they are out on their own.

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Q: How do I know that my Insurance is the right coverage for me?

When you sit down with an Independent Insurance Broker, that agent should be looking out for your best interest. The coverage you can afford and the best coverage that can be purchased at that price. Independent Brokers, can shop the market and sell you the best product for your money.

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Q: What about Disability Insurance? Do I really need it?

Disability Insurance is probably more valuable to you than any other type of Insurance you can buy. The possibility of your house burning down, or your car being in an accident is far lower than of you being disabled, yet you carry coverage for those things. You can’t have a mortgage on your house with out Insurance, or a loan for your car, but you can and probably do, work with out Disability coverage. Would you be able to survive if you were unable to work? Would your family be alright, if you found yourself disabled?

Statistically, 1 in 10 people becomes disabled every year!

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Q: I have friends that have had the same coverage for years, why should I reassess what I have?

Your life is constantly changing. You have different needs during your life. There are times when you could be investing in your future! There are time when you need coverage to protect your family. There are even times when you may want to put some money away for the future of your children, or grandchildren.

It doesn’t hurt to stop and take a look at the situation and reevaluate your needs, priorities or goals. What has been good in the past, may still be fine, but there may also be a better and more productive way. Sitting down with an agent is only a few hours of your time, but it can make the difference between, having and not having money when it is needed.

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Q: HOW much does all this cost me?

Nothing! The only cost you incur is your time. The agent works on commission, so yes, if you buy a product or make in investment on the recommendations made to you, the agent gets paid. (That is why, we would hope you would buy from the agent that does all the work) You don’t receive a bill for the services provided.

Herb has the following Financial Industry Designations:
(CFP) Certified Financial Planner
(CLU) Chartered Life Underwriter
(RHU) Registered Health Underwriter
(MTI) Member of Trust Institute, (Financial Services)

If you would like more information about any of these things, please give Herb a call or e-mail.

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